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43. For the [. . .] ods Tak Roman vitriall and disolve it in water till it look blew then bathe the part affected pretty warme with a ragg or a bitt of spunge twice a daye and when you have done bathing sitt awhile upon a hott oake bord every time you bath it. 44. Balsam of Peru is Exelent for wounds being aplyed hott with lint and the lips of the wound kept close. It's also as good for bruses aplyed warme as soone as may be after the hurt. 45. To Stench Bleeding in a Wound Take a peec of salt beef and rost it in the hott ashes then make it cleane and put it into the wound and the blood will stop imediatly.

46. M[Matthew. .]s pill Take equal parts of India salt peeter and the best white Rhenish tartar and pound them and drive them through a haire sieve and in a yellow pipkin or new chamber pott of earth sett upon charcoal, put it in by spoonfuls till all be burned white. This is called the salt of tartar. Note if it will not fire, touch it with a live coal and it fires. While this is warme, pound it to grose pouder and put it into a well glazed dish or, which is better, a glass body and lett it stand covered with the oyl of turpentine two fingers high above the tartar; stir it with a wodden spattula. Supply it with oyl that it be always covered for six moneths till it

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Apothecary weights

Apothecary Symbols

*see abbreviations below table

Symbol Name TR (*) ME (*)
lb, li, libr. libra, pound apothecary's pound 373.243 g
ss semis half half
uncia, ounce, unce apothecary's ounce 31.103 g
Q quarta quart between 0.95 and 1.16 liters
ʒ dragma, dram dram 3.888 g
G grana, grain grain 0.065 g (65 mg)
A ana of each one of each one
lb ss libr. semi half an apothecary's pound 186.623 g
℥ ss semuncia half an apothecary's ounce 15.552 g

Name = Name in Text

TR = Translation

ME = Modern Equivalent (approx.; in grams and liters)

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