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40. For sharpe and dificult travel in women with child; By J C Take a lock of vergin's haire on any part of the head, of half the age of the woman in travill. Cut it very smale to fine pouder then take 12 ants eggs dried in an oven after the bread is drawne or otherwise make them dry and make them to pouder with the haiere. Give this with a quarter of a pint of red cow's milk or, for want of it, give it in strong ale wort. 41. A Wonderful Balsam for fistulos and ulcers Take borax ℥ ii put it into a strong stone botle of 2 quarts: stop it close with a good corke and then cover it with sealing wax very close and sett it into the bottom of a well or cold spring the space of three yeeres then

take it out [when it will] al be turned to a balsam whare with you may dress sores. 42. For a Cancer in a Woman's Brest A woman at Casko bay had a cancer in har brest which after much menes used in vaine they aplyed strong beer to it with duble cloths which it drank in very greedyly and was somthing eased afterwards. Beer fayling, they used rum in like maner which seemed to lull it asleep. Afterwards they put arsnik into it and dressing it twice a day it was parfectly whol. In the meane time har kind husband by suking drewe har brest with the losse of his fore teeth without any farther hurt. Re N England's experiences.

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Apothecary weights

Apothecary Symbols

*see abbreviations below table

Symbol Name TR (*) ME (*)
lb, li, libr. libra, pound apothecary's pound 373.243 g
ss semis half half
uncia, ounce, unce apothecary's ounce 31.103 g
Q quarta quart between 0.95 and 1.16 liters
ʒ dragma, dram dram 3.888 g
G grana, grain grain 0.065 g (65 mg)
A ana of each one of each one
lb ss libr. semi half an apothecary's pound 186.623 g
℥ ss semuncia half an apothecary's ounce 15.552 g

Name = Name in Text

TR = Translation

ME = Modern Equivalent (approx.; in grams and liters)

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