Children of Thomas Endicott and Sarah Welsh

1. Moses Endicott born October 31, 1759, Northampton, Burlington County, New Jersey Died May 8, 1834, Harrison County, Kentucky Married first to Martha Hill in 1784 North Carolina Married second to Mrs. Welmet (Nation) Endicott on March 27, 1834. Note: Wilmont Endicott’s sworn statement dated July 27, 1850 Posey County, Indiana and disposition made by her on October 31, 1855 states that Moses Died of malignant fever one month after their marriage

2. Joseph Endicott born abt 1761 near Mt. Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey Died 1827, Woodford County, Kentucky Married Nancy Faubion bf. 1786 in North Carolina Note: Joseph Endicott never left Kentucky.

3. Aaron Endicott Born August 13, 1764 probably near Mt. Holly, Burlington County, New Jersey Died January 4, 1831, Smith Township, Posey County, Indiana Married Phoebe Harmon. Note: The Kentucky State Historical Society records show that Aaron Indecut served on the frontier with the active Kentucky Militia for 15 days and was paid 16 shillings on September 11, 1788 (Captain William Stoel).

4. Barzillai Endicott Born 1766, North Carolina Died in Kentucky

5. Thomas Endicott, Jr. born 1771, VA Died September 1836, Rush County, Indiana Married Mildred "Milly" Grubbs on November 10, 1795 in Kentucky Both are buried in the Pleasant Run Cemetery, South of Rushville, Indiana. Note: Thomas Endicott, Jr. migrated from Harrison County, Kentucky to Rush County, Indiana in 1834 He bought his first land of 20 acres in Rush County on November 3, 1834 and had gone to Rush County with his wife, Mildred and two daughters, Sallie A. and Ann Mariah and one son, James Clayton. His will was made June 10, 1836 and his estate was settled August 10, 1840.

The 1880 census for Malinda G. Amos, daughter of Thomas and Mildred Endicott shows her parents were born in Virginia Mildred Endicott left a will dated April 9, 1839

6. Samuel Endicott born 1775, North Carolina Married April 1, 1806 in Franklin County, Kentucky to Elizabeth R. Montague born 1779 Died 1841, daughter of Thomas and Agnes Ellis Montaque. Died after 1838

7. William Endicott born 1778 Surry Co., North Carolina Died 1811 Harrison Co., Kentucky Married Mary Trousdale on December 17, 1801 Bourbon County, Kentucky. She was born on October 3, 1781 Died July 24, 1853. Note: Mary Trousdale Endicott is buried at the Endicott Meeting House Cemetery. It is believed that William Endicott is also buried there, but it is an unmarked grave.

8. John Endicott born April 7, 1781, Surry County, North Carolina Died August 14, 1840, Rush County, Indiana Married Ann Kimbrough Davenport Saddler, daughter of Jesse Saddler, on September 5, 1811 Bourbon Co., Kentucky.

9. Nancy Endicott born 1783, Surry County, North Carolina Died 1831, Posey County, Indiana Married Memorial Forrest, son of Gresham Forrest and Sarah Wood, on January 13, 1804 Bourbon County, Kentucky. Note: “Nancy Endicott, the much loved daughter of Thomas Endicott, also had gone to Posey County. In 1828 the Posey County Court ordered that James McCravey be appointed guardian for Levina Forrest and Thomas Forrest, infant heirs of Memorial Forrest, deceased, while Sally Forrest, aged fourteen years and three months, chose Mr. McCravey for her guardian. Other heirs were Matilda Forrest McReary, wife of James McReary and John M. Forrest Child of Thomas Endicott and Susanah Young

10. Absolam Turner Endicott born November 21, 1815, Kentucky Died March 2, 1884 Stanford, Illinois Married first to Catherine Clinton on January 10, 1838 Married second to Matilda Dorsett on September 12, 1847 Posey County, Indiana.

Of the children of Thomas Endicott -- Aaron, Nancy and Absolum were the only ones who migrated on to Posey County, Indiana. Several of the grandchildren of Thomas Endicott and other family members migrated from Kentucky to Indiana.. Authors Special Note: A great deal of gratitude goes to Edward Tracy (Texas) and Cindy Endicott Levingston (Michigan) who graciously conducted the Editorial Review of this research on the Life of Thomas Endicott and his family. Their diligent work, careful review, constructive criticisms, patience and insight proved invaluable. GSH and THS