Endicott Places & Items of Interest

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Endicott Arm Named after William Crowninshield Endicott 25-mile-long offshoot fjord of the Stephens Passage, about 45 miles south of Juneau. At its head is the spectacular Dawes Glacier.
Endicott Mountains Named after William Crowninshield Endicott part of the Brooks range in northern Alaska. The highest point is Mount Kiev at 7,775 feet.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church founded by Reverend Endicott Peabody in Tombstone Endicott Peabody (1857- 1944) was a young minister in Tombstone in 1882, arriving a few months after the “Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.” Alaska
Endicott Cemetery two Endicott memorials in the main cemetery, one for Thomas Endicott (1737-1831), and one for the Endicotts in the War of 1812. Poseyville, Indiana
Cumberland Gap Junction of VA, KY & TN Thomas Endecott (1737-1831) went through with Daniel Boone in 1783
USS Endicott's Ship Bell Bell is rung whenever a notable visitor arrives at this US Presi- dential retreat. The USS Endicott was named after Samuel En- dicott (1779-1821), a sailor who participated in the Barbary Wars. Camp David, Maryland
Endecott family cemetery Danvers, Massachusetts
Endicott College Private coeducational college Offers undergraduate, graduate and professional programs. It was founded in 1939 and named after Governor John Endecott. Beverly, Massachusetts
Endicott Street (Boston) Located in Boston’s North End. Named after Gov. John Endecott. The north end is Boston’s oldest residential community, settled in the 1630s.
Endicott Wildlife Sanctuary This 43-acre Wild- life Sanctuary, named after Gov. John Endecott, is home to the Ipswich River Wildlife Sanctuary Nature Preschool. It serves as a base for several of the Massachusetts Audubon Society’s staff and program activities, including the Salt Marsh Science Project. The sanctuary has a short walking trail through mature mixed forest with views over a wet meadow. Newham, Massachusetts
Glenn Magna Farms This is the grand estate of William Crowninshield Endicott It is currently owned by the Danvers Historical Society. It was begun in 1812 by the wealthy Peabody family and was subsequently expand- ed. W.C.E. married into the Peabody family by marrying Ellen Peabody in 1859. Today, the grounds are open to the public for viewing and special events. Danvers, Massachusetts
Statue of John Endecott located on Forsyth Way near the Museum of Fine Arts It was sculpted by Carl Paul Jennewein Gray, funded by George Augustus Peabody, a descendant of John Endecott, and unveiled in 1937. (Fenway) Bostom, Massachusetts
Endicott, Nebraska named after William Crowninshield Endicott This is a small village in Jefferson County, in the southern corner of the state, on the border with Kansas Endicott, Jefferson, Nebrasla
Endecott Pear Tree This tree was planted by John Endecott in the 1630s. Today, it is on the grounds of the Massachusetts General/North Shore Outpatient Center Danvers, Massachusetts
Endicott Rock In the state park on the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee is a rock that was incised with lettering in 1652 by surveyors for the Massachusetts Bay Colony when John Endecott (spelled the way he spelled it) was Governor. The markings on the rock include "IOHN ENDICUT GOV" (sic.) and the initials of the surveyors. This engraved rock was discovered in the 19th century when the Weirs channel, between Lake Winnipesaukee and Paugus Bay, was dredged. New Hampshire
Endicott, West Virginia This is a small populated place in Wetzel County, which is in the very north of West Virginia very close to the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania. It’s unknown how it got its name.
Endicott, Washington village in Windham County Windham County, Washington
Endicott Street (Boston) named after policeman Delos Endicott Portland, Oregon
Endicott, Washington Endicott, Washington
Endicott Creek believed to be named after William Endicott, Sr Columbia County, Oregan
Endicott, New York located among the rolling hills of the southern tier along the Susquehanna River (about 9 miles from the Pennsylvania border). Endicott, along with nearby Binghamton and Johnson City, were once called "The Triple Cities." NY Cities & Towns
1665 portrait of John Endecott one of the earliest remaining portraits from Colonial America JEFA partnered with the State of Massachusetts to restore the painting (see vol. 13. no. 1, p 16)
Endicott Creek This creek is 8 miles from the town of Dobson named after Thomas Endicott who moved to Surry County about 1760 and subsequently went through the Cumberland Gap with Daniel Boone in 1783, establishing a whole Midwestern branch of the Endicott clan. Surry County, North Carolina
Johnson Shoe Company supplied nearly all of the footwear for the US Army in WWI and WWII
Original Tomb of John Endecott He was initially buried in tomb number 189 in Granary Burying Ground in Boston. His remains were probably moved years later.
Original chair of John Endecott in the Massachusetts State House This chair and the portrait were donated to Massachusetts by William Crowninshield Endicott, Jr in 1941. When the portrait was restored in 2016, it revealed Gov. Endicott sitting in the chair.
Site of John Endecott's home This is the site where the house of John Endecott stood when he was Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony There is only a plaque there now. It is in the area called Pemberton Square today. John originally lived in Salem, but later as Governor was required to live in Boston.
Endicott, New York New York Endicott. The village is named after Henry B. Endicott (1853 – 1920) a founding member of the Endicott Johnson Corpora-tion shoe manufacturing company, in Endicott. Henry was a descendant of John Endecott’s relative Gilbert Endicott, who arrived in Massachusetts from England in 1658. The Endicott Endicott, New York
Endicott Meeting House where Moses Endicott, the Revolutionary War Patriot, is buried. Moses and his father, Thomas gave the land for this little church. Cynthiana, Kentucky