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12. A [. . .] the black [. . .] Tak a quart of the best sallet oyle and a pound of red lead. Beat and sift the lead. Stir it well into the oyl. Set it over a soft fire and keepe it stirring and when it begins to boyl put into it beeswax the quantity of a large walnut cut in smale pieces and when it begins to look black take it of the fire still stirring it till it hath done boyling then put in as much saffron mad into fine powder [as] will lie on a sixpence then powr it into wooden dishes first dipt in water.

13. [. . .] Take of good [antimony] and beat it smale. Take also 2 pound of pure niter. Make it also to fine pouder. Mix them well. Then take a large crusible. Set it upon hot coles till it be red hott. Then cast in your mixture with a spoone a little at a time till it be all spent. Let it stand upon the fire of a good red heat for half an howre then take it of the fire and with a small spattula take it out of the vessell into a smale quan[ti]tie of warme water. Break it and wash it well then lett it stand and s[ink] to the bottom then powre of the cleer and keepe it for use. Put on more hott water, wash it welle and breake and grind all the clods. So wash and decant the water

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Apothecary weights

Apothecary Symbols

*see abbreviations below table

Symbol Name TR (*) ME (*)
lb, li, libr. libra, pound apothecary's pound 373.243 g
ss semis half half
uncia, ounce, unce apothecary's ounce 31.103 g
Q quarta quart between 0.95 and 1.16 liters
ʒ dragma, dram dram 3.888 g
G grana, grain grain 0.065 g (65 mg)
A ana of each one of each one
lb ss libr. semi half an apothecary's pound 186.623 g
℥ ss semuncia half an apothecary's ounce 15.552 g

Name = Name in Text

TR = Translation

ME = Modern Equivalent (approx.; in grams and liters)

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