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cure with Arseaus, his linement. Your parchment must have a thrid fastened in the midle as this figure shewethe. 68. Balsam Water Take white vitriole and put in faire water in a botle and stop it close and when you aplye it to a wound mak it hott. If you aply it to the eyes, aply it cold. Romen vitrioll is very good.

69. Great swelling by a spraine or humer Take brande and neats foote oyle and mixe them well, and chafe it in very hott and then put a pece of blew paper to it will take awaye the swelling pressantly. 70. For Cutts or Sores Take the scine of salt beefe and so laye it to the cutt or sore.

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Apothecary weights

Apothecary Symbols

*see abbreviations below table

Symbol Name TR (*) ME (*)
lb, li, libr. libra, pound apothecary's pound 373.243 g
ss semis half half
uncia, ounce, unce apothecary's ounce 31.103 g
Q quarta quart between 0.95 and 1.16 liters
ʒ dragma, dram dram 3.888 g
G grana, grain grain 0.065 g (65 mg)
A ana of each one of each one
lb ss libr. semi half an apothecary's pound 186.623 g
℥ ss semuncia half an apothecary's ounce 15.552 g

Name = Name in Text

TR = Translation

ME = Modern Equivalent (approx.; in grams and liters)

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