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60. [Index macicule] Pilula R[u]ffi Take of alloes two ounces, mirrh one ounce, saffron half an ounce, with syrup of the juyce of lemmons mak it into a mase according to art. A scruple taken at nite going to bed is an excellent preservative in pestilentiall times. Also they clense the body of such humors as are gotten by surfets. They strengthen the heart and weak stomach and work so easily that you need not fear following your business the next day.

61. Oyl of Roses Take roses and infuse them in good oyle ollive in a glase in the heat of the sun for sartaine days while the oyl smeles like roses. Oyl of Hipericon is made after the same manner. 62. The Preparation of Steel Take fillings of steel well clensed with a load stone moysten them well 12 times with good sharp white wine vineger. Dry it in the sun or a dry air. Beat it in an iron

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Apothecary weights

Apothecary Symbols

*see abbreviations below table

Symbol Name TR (*) ME (*)
lb, li, libr. libra, pound apothecary's pound 373.243 g
ss semis half half
uncia, ounce, unce apothecary's ounce 31.103 g
Q quarta quart between 0.95 and 1.16 liters
ʒ dragma, dram dram 3.888 g
G grana, grain grain 0.065 g (65 mg)
A ana of each one of each one
lb ss libr. semi half an apothecary's pound 186.623 g
℥ ss semuncia half an apothecary's ounce 15.552 g

Name = Name in Text

TR = Translation

ME = Modern Equivalent (approx.; in grams and liters)

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